Broken Inside

 “I start to see that I surround myself with broken people; more broken than me. Ah, yes, let me count your cracks. Let's see, one hundred, two... yes, you'll do nicely. A cracked companion makes me look more whole, gives me something outside myself to care for. When I'm with whole, healed people I feel my own cracks, the shatters, the insanities of dislocation in myself.”

― Julie Gregory

Broken Inside


Head & Hairbase: Ryn 3.1 by Lelutka

Bidy: Kupra HD by Inithium

Skin: Michelle in Ivory by Heaux

Foxy Eyebrows by Bossie

Yeji Blush & Lipstick by Apage

Ninfa Gacha Set: RARE #1 Tattoo + Halos & Common #10 shine by This is Wrong @ The Epiphany *NEW*

Dreamy Downbrushed Lashes by Aii

Boob Veins 30 by Tville

Hair: Dan 003 + 001 and 002 bangs by VCO

Annie Shibari & Shawl by Luas @ Kinky Event *NEW*

Flower Pasties by Bombshell

Write Me Earrings & Nose Chain by Garmonbozia @ Midnight Order *NEW*

Lucia Ear Piercings by A*S

Chained Lock Collar by Kibitz

Pose: Dream Catcher 4 by Foxcity