Trust is a Curious Word

 I was lost

I didn't know where to find you

But I did know where to go

You were gone

Left without a reason

Left the keys beside the door

Do you remember

When you took me by the hand

And you said you wouldn't go

But I knew

That you were fooling around girl

And there was nothing I could do

Thank you

For setting me free

You should have done that long ago

Thank you

For leaving me be

You are now my shadow

~ Absinth3

Trust is a Curious Word


Cyber Fair Items: *NEW*

Cyria Cyborg Skin - Lelu EvoX by Studio Exposure 

Yuri Arms (Rune Edition) & Cypher Pants (Rune Edition) by Wicca's Originals

"05-2391" Arm Mod by Carpe Noctem

The Hurricane Blade by The Forge

Project Gacha #RARE (orb statue) by 13ACT!

Radioco Alley [D] V2 Backdrop by BH9

Everything Else:

Head: Briannon by Lelutka

Inkubator Hair Grey / 1.0 by Action

Amber Earrings by RAWR!

Rune Top & Pia Booties by Wicca's Originals

Pixel Business Vape v.1.0 by Inzoxi

Upgrade shine+tattoo by This is Wrong

Pose made in Black Dragon