SLB18 - Congrats SL You Can Legally Vote Now + Free Gifts!

Happy Birthday Second Life and congrats you are now old enough to vote in the U.S.!  LOL  I went and took a visit to the SLB18 Shop and Hop and grabbed a bunch of the freebies to show you all.  I know the event is huge and it took me a few days to really go through it all.  I picked some of my favorite gifts that had ad textures.  I tried to focus on clothing that worked for other bodies besides Maitreya so there are way more gifts than what I am showing but for those who only wish to grab and go and save time this list is for you!  All landmarks for participating stores can be found in the link below and each will take you directly to the booth you wish to go to for your gifts. 

It is also the last day for The Vintage Fair.  I have a few more items below from the event.  Hurry and come by to get these amazing items.



(Main photo)

Head: Avalon by Lelutka

Body: Legacy Perky by Meshbody

Skin: Delphine in Caramel by Nar Mattaru

Hair: Svetlana by Exile @ The Hair Fair *NEW*

Sweetness Collar by Clover

Maela Dress Hearts (SLB18 gift!) by ViSion @ SLB18 Shop & Hop 

Pose with Cake: SL18B S&H Cake by PoseAble & Mesh @ SLB18 *NEW*

The Vintage Fair Items: *NEW* FINAL DAY!

Sin Tattoo by LUKA

80's Diamond Chain Necklace by Undertied

Mylene Earrings by POM

Phoebe Ring by Kunglers

Since I cannot figure out how to make a simple slider for this post you are all stuck with 20 whole images of the free gifts.  Sorry bout the image clutter and scrolling but its taken me days to make this one post and this is all I can do.  I hope this helps you all see some of the gifts at the event.