Premonition of a Hex

 Suppression makes a weight

That strips the life of everything  

To scared to walk away

Down in your heart

The image of a life 

You’re dying just to be there

Crying on your knees

Be weary of the things you want 

( the thorn in your paw, you crave)

You can't predict what's coming 


Your fingers from my hand 

You never see the things you have 

( there's always a way, to change)

Slice up and not across 

When you’re trying to make the deepest cut 

Illusion makes a gape

That kills the flow of everything 

To dumb to walk away 

Down in your mind

You never even tried. 

You’re dying just to be there. Just crying on your knees 

~ Circa Survive

Another round of We Love Role-Play is opening and here is a preview of a few items which will be at the event.  I also am featuring the creepy Swamp Shack by Death Row Designs.  It is an older item but I felt it fit a swamp voodoo image nicely!  I put the name of the set as well as the individual items used so when you go to their store you can use their handy search kiosk to find it easily.  

We Love Role-Play opens June 4th at noon!

Premonition of a Hex



Swamp Shack by Death Row Designs - This includes the tiki lights, tree perch, walkway, and the shack with no tree.

We Love Role-Play Items: *NEW*

Sylvan Vines - {Cursed} Female (bikini + arm vines) female and male versions in Cursed & Natural colors by Static

Death Becomes Materials Tattoo by Nefekalum Tattoos

Ona Evolution Classic Skin by Loa (Bodies supported - Legacy, Maitreya, Kupra & Belleza)

Everything Else:

Avalon 3.0 by Lelutka

Body: Legacy Feminine by Meshbody

Coven Eyes by Gloom @ Harajuku Event *NEW*

Sora Hair by YOMI @ Warehouse Sales Event *NEW*

Wrapping Python + Pose by Black Cats Creations *Coming Soon to The Darkness Event June 5th* NEW

Revenant . Eyepatch - Midnight Tentation & TENEBRIS . ArmorRings - Coal by Pendulum **50% off sale until June 5th!!**

Broken Swamp Bridge by BONDI