Dare to Take

 I could stand behind you, I could stick around

I could dissapear but, always coming back

I could integrate you, I could make me stroke

I could civilize what, you so hungry for

Leave it, Leave it or dare to take

Give it, give it the second chanse

Lick it, lick it and check the taste

Love me, love me forever

~ Baasch, Dare to Take

Dare To Take


The Guardian 3 Pose & Prop by Black Cat Creations

Head: Briannon by Lelutka

Sua Skin in Cookie by Psycho Pills *NEW*

Coven Eyes by Gloom @ Harajuku Event *NEW*

Entropy Tattoo and Shine by This is Wrong @ The Warehouse *NEW*

Ear Pieces: Shaman for LeLUTKA Evo X Elf-Gradients by ProMagic

Kagiso Dreads by CAMO @ Anthem *NEW*

Jayne Body Jewelry Gold by Supernatural

Eyepatch - Sensations - One eye Gold by Garmonbozia @ The Warehouse *NEW*