At World's End

A dreaded curse is spoken of by all men of the sea

An ancient tale of pirate's woe and sailor's tragedy

A map was drawn by grizzled men

Forgotten years ago

A chest of glory and mortal sin

That none should ever know

And they searched and they searched

And they searched and they searched

For forbidden treasure old

And this curse, and this curse

And this curse, and this curse

Will forever now be told

– Alestorm, Of Treasure

We Love Role-Play is now open!  Come and see some amazing new creations for some of the best fantasy and science fiction creators in SL.

At World's End


We Love Role-Play Items: *NEW*

Pirate Outfit by Antaya 

Lyra Skin in Deep & Celtic Runic Mask Tattoo by Loa

The Watcher Statue by Unorthodox Underworld

The Royalty Poses (#5) by Fashiowl

Everything Else: *NEW*

Head: Lily Evo 2.5 by Lelutka

Rose Eyebrows by Bossie

Simone Hair by Exile @ Anthem *NEW*

Hat: Admiral by Remarkable Oblivion

Sphynx Kitty by Foxwood

#5 my friend's a parrot by Andore @ Anthem *NEW*

Chest 1 by Icaland @ The Fantasy Faire: Mithlumen *NEW*

Wizard's Magic Chair by Butanik83 @ The Fantasy Faire: Yin Yang 

Here Be Octopus Tablet by Meadowworks

Tentacles v3 by Pixelancer (Large Tentacles)

Handy Tentacle (Small tentacles) by LAB737