Why I Relay . . .

 Why I Relay?

Today I just wanted to share with you all why I volunteer my time to help Fantasy Faire and blog for the event.  Recently, my Pops passed away from cancer . . . which one is debatable and whether it was the adverse effects from his treatments or cancer itself we don't know.  He is the reason why I  relay and will continue.  He struggled for 9 years battling various cancers . . . and also suffered from a few incredibly rare side effects from chemo and from his diabetes medications (very rare like less than 1% rare) making his ability to gain proper nutrition very difficult.  I miss him very much even though he lived across the country.  I enjoy the Fantasy Faire and think it is an amazing source for donations to help fight the battle against cancer so that one day we have a cure or at least a safer, more reliable treatments.

Why I Relay


Fantasy Faire Items: *NEW*

Nemesis Crown by Rise Designs @ J'adoube

Skin: Amesha - Lelutka - INK by Lumae @ The Amethyst Rift 

Mer tail: Magic Summer Flora by Lybra @ Valhalla

Biri Materials Fantasy Faire Gift (Free!) by Ghoul @ Valhalla

Everything Else:

Head: Lily by Lelutka

Fantasy Bento B.O.M. Ears Pack I&II (VIP Gift) by Aii

Bray Hair by Tableau Vivant

Taeyeon Earrings - Gold by Random Matter

Pose made by myself in Black Dragon

fish / goldfish (gold) by Anc