The Ugly Duckling

 “It is only with the heart that one can see clearly, for the most essential things are invisible to the eye.”

― Hans Christian Andersen, The Ugly Duckling

The Ugly Duckling


Head: Strange Face W002 by Genus Project

Withred Bezerker Ears by CerbrusXing

Petalriah Skin Yarrow by The Stringer Mausoleum @ Enchantment *NEW*

Fairy Princess Eyes, Stigma Tattoo 18, & Fairy Princess Halo RARE by Emotional Circus Enchantment *NEW*

Sandra Hair by MINA

Elfina Outfit by ERSCH *MAINSTORE*

Hermia's Necklace by Short Leash Enchantment *NEW*

Fleur Choker by RAWR!

Enchanted Things (Animesh butterfly) by Tardfish Enchantment *NEW*

Pose: Botanical 02 by Amitie

Little Flying Butterflies - Blue by Puke Rainbows Enchantment *NEW*

miniature/H. swan {cream} by Anc