Mustn't Hurry

Need someone but mustn't hurry

Something more but don't you worry

Need some time but mustn't hurry

Saw the blood but it's not scary

―  Fever Ray

 Photos taken on the Ostara region at The Fantasy Faire.

Welcome to the fabled valley of Ostara where every turn reveals a piece of history and possibly an adventure.  The ancient temples of the draconic guardians stand tall and proud.  But the temples are not why you have come.  Many explorers will come to loot the great temples full of traps and surprises, but not you.  You have arrived for a different adventure.  This one requires a search for the great rites of draconic that were once used to revive magical creatures from the dead.  What you have come for is not hard to find as the sun-bleached bones of the great ancient dragon appear above you wrapping around a golden temple.  Atop the temple sits a petrified dragon egg.  Many believe it to be dead, no longer of use but you know otherwise.  It is time to explore the deep valley of Ostara and discover the mysteries within.

Mustn't Hurry


Fantasy Faire Items: *NEW*

Materials Tattoo: Orion by Nefekalum Tattoos @ Somniatoris Arx

The Noble's Reliance Rapier by REQUISITION @ Somniatoris Arx

Maga Skirt by Atame @ J'Adoube

Everything Else:

Pose and Orc: The Guardian 4 by Black Cats Creations *Coming to Cyberpunk Fair * NEW Opens May 8th*

Head: Avalon by Lelutka

Destiny skin + eyebrows EVO X - Nougat (in Tan Pack) by Nuve *NEW*

Nari Hair by YOMI @ Anthem *NEW*

Dryad's Horns Exclusive by Dreamcatcher @ The Epiphany *NEW*

Dragar's Bracers by The Forge @ Access *NEW*