“Pawns are the soul of the game.” 

– François-André Danican Philidor

Chess is about using your mind to out-match your opponent.  J'adoube is ruled by the grand queen and king.  They rule overall in this game of chess.  But this game is by their rules . . . or so they think.  They train their knights to fight and force the pawns to be slaves to their wishes.  As the king and queen stand above us crumbling and hollow the fae have slowly started to come in.  They have become friends with the pawns and even help them.  Perhaps there is an even bigger game being played within the city of J'adoube . . . 



Photo Taken at the J'adoube region @ The Fantasy Faire created by Sharni Azalee from The Looking Glass

Fantasy Faire Items: *NEW*

**J'adoube Decorative Floor Chess - Walnut (in hand), Fantasy Boat (static), & Knight Floor Lantern White (on shoulder) by The Looking Glass *NEW* @ J'adoube

**Skin: HEL female + Fallen Gods Inc. (Limited Edition will be gone after the faire ends!!) @ Valhalla

**Dress: Essi Silver FF Limited by Azul @ YinYang

** Hair F162 by KMH @ J'adoube

** RFL 2021 Antares Necklace @ Nemesis Nose Piercing by Rise Designs @ J'adoube

Everything Else:

Head: Avalon EvoX 3.0 by Lelutka

Body: Legacy Perky by Meshbody

VIP HD Brows by Glam Affair @ The Liaison Collaborative *NEW*

Keket Lipsticks HD by Gorsimi

I Miss You Headpiece & Bouquet by Tentacio @ Kustom9 *NEW*

Elf harmony CROWN by -Sorumin- 

Pose made by me in Black Dragon