Dawn Light

 You flew in from the dawn

Such a sight when you came into view

You stretched your white wings

Careful embrace


Swan, my swan

Dive, heat my blood

Swan, my swan

Before dawn breaks

~ Maadji, Dawn Light

Dawn Light


Inithium Event Items: *NEW*

Villain Claws by Six Feet Under

Armor Dresses Runes by MoonPhase

Everything Else:

Head: Avalon by Lelutka

Body: Kupra Classic by Inithium

Balrog Scales by Kottr (Does not work with EvoX!!)

Haru Hair by Yomi @ Ota.Con *NEW*

Enora Set: Blindfold Black & Branch (head) by Tentacio @ FaMeshed *NEW*

Skerra Rakki (Collar) by Drunken Brokkr @ We Love Role-Play *NEW* Includes Kupra size!

Arch Dryad's Mantle by Deadly Nightshade @ Enchantment *NEW*

Jera Rune (Fantasy Faire Gift. No longer available) by Fallen Gods

Floating Runes Gold by Puke Rainbows

Le Colombier (House) by Never Totally Dead

Wizard Bento Pose by Reve Obscura