Do Better

 Thousands of laps around the sun 

We could do better, we could be one 

Thirty-some laps around and around

Still I've never seen a man without doubt

We could do better 

Work as one

Life is all about good energy

I will try to keep it all for me

One day I will grow learn from this

The taste of it leaves me thirsty 

We could do better

We could be one

So hold my hands and gaze 

Trace the lines on my paper thin skin

Face the signs all the stars align 

And still there is doubt in your eyes

― Shireen

We Love Role-Play opens on April 4th and I am featuring so wicked cool items from this upcoming round.  The skin is by Loa and is simply gorgeous with its adorable freckles.  The eyes are also by Loa too and are full of purple, blue, green hues.  The face tattoo by Nefekalum, looks amazing and 3D and there is even a Lelutka EvoX version!  The bracer is by Clover and includes amazing animations for each potion.  You can drink one yourself or have someone else take one.  The animations that ensue are fun for everyone!  Hope you enjoy this post.

Do Better


We Love Role-Play Items: *NEW*

Lola Skin in Golden & Abby Eyes by Loa (Classic Evo Skin)

Halo Flowers by Lolla Thirst

Amulet (Face tattoo) by Nefekalum Tattoo

Potion Brace by Clover - Comes with different types of potions to consume or give to others.  Each has its own effect and animation!

Everything else:

Head: Briannon EvoX by Lelutka

No Saint Eyebrows by Mewsery

The Solar Hair by Olive

Diabolus Horns by Aii & Ego

Faded One Tattoo v1 by Emotional Circus

Arachnophillia Gift Spider by Salt & Pepper

Pose Made Up 5 by Foxcity

Backdrop: Mausoleum by Paleto