A New Dimension - Fantasy Faire Portals are Opening

“The world is awash with colours unseen and abuzz with unheard frequencies. Undetected and disregarded. The wise have always known that these inaccessible realms, these dimensions that cannot be breached by our beautifully blunt senses, hold the very codes to our existence, the invisible, electromagnetic foundations upon which our gross reality clumsily rests.”

― Russell Brand, Revolution

It is that time of year.  A time for us to run away, to slow down, and enjoy a whole new realm of adventure, possibilities, and entertainment.  The Fantasy Faire is opening once again for us on April 22, 2021.  Relay for Life is all about helping those who need help against the battle with cancer.  With this amazing fantasy event, we will all gather again, fight the forces of evil or maybe solve a great mystery all while raising money.  This event means a lot to me and perhaps in a later post I will touch on my personal loss this past year.  But until then I hope you enjoy this post as it features a few items from Fantasy Faire coming soon.  Keep an eye out for more!

A New Dimension - Fantasy Faire Portals are Opening


Fantasy Faire Items: *NEW* LM all coming soon!

Gaia Halo ~Butterfly Flowers & Gaia Antlers by Acios

Bento Fairy Wings by FAS

Hoard Eyes by Not a Peep

Inithium Event Items: *NEW*

Wella Suit by ERSCH

Tegrid Skin in Malibu by Gloom

Body: Kupra Kups by Inithium (25% Discount at the Inithium Event!)

Head: Avalon by Lelutka

Nezuko Horn and Makeup by This is Wrong *Coming to The Warehouse* NEW

Snake Tattoo by This is Wrong

Hair: Valentina by Exile @ Collabor88 *NEW*

#9 FF Decade Necklace - Magnolia Vines & #2 Sprities - Flutterie by Harshlands (Donation items at Fantasy Faire)

Woodland Watcher Leaves (Group gift) and Woodland Watcher Set - Watcher Hands RARE (Not Bento!), Watcher Headpiece & Woodland Home RARE by Disorderly (This is a very old gacha)

Pose comes with the Woodland Watcher home and slightly modified using Black Dragon.