Drifting like wood

Our years

In the rivers of the aftermath

They shattered our right to wonder

Delivered us from free will

Our stories were thrown on the fire

Burning like bibles

They shattered our right to wonder

Exposed us to constraint


We're dead now

Affinity has been found below the ground

Beyond the heart's vow

The open road

Amnesia bound

Our carbon shells deserted

We came so far for nothing


Fixed on dead grass

Who will remain

And wake up to the sound of sorrow

When your skies are clearing

When your battles are fought

When mercy returns

To all of your thoughts

Remember the carnage

The vanishers trail

Our souls of the sunset

Drifting away

― Katatonia, Vanishers

We Love Role-Play opens March 4th at noon!  Are you ready for some more amazing fantasy and sci-fi creations??  I am previewing 3 items from WLRP.  The dress is by 1313 and is fitted for Maitreya/Petite and Legacy.  YAY for Legacy!  It is my body of choice with Perky and then Maitreya Petite.  The body scars are by Absinthe who I just discovered the other day. The lovely eyes are by Loa.  Enjoy!



We Love Role-Play Items: *NEW* Opens 3-4-2021

Shallan Set (Outfit) by 1313 Mockingbird Lane (Maitreya, Petite, Legacy)

Blademaster Scar by Absinthe!

Gemma Eyes by Loa

Head: Sasha 2.5 by Lelutka

Siria Hair by Tableau Vivant @ Uber *NEW*

Body & Face Veins by Absinthe! *NEW*

Slit Throat Tattoo by Miss Canning

Summoners Candles by Witchcraft (Comes with hold pose)

Pose made by me

Skin is very old -2016 by alterego you cannot get it anymore sorry

Grandma's Vintage Mirror by Unkindness