The Suffering of Spiders

Normal is an illusion. What is normal for the spider is chaos for the fly.

~ Charles Addams

The Suffering of Spiders


 Jumping Spiders: Raindrop Spider RARE, Nanny Spider RARE, & Blue Face Spider by Hextraordinary @ The Arcade *NEW*

Cyber Fair Items: *NEW*

Hat: Cyber Sakkat RX-1 - Metal + GOLD  v 1.0 by CREATiCA

Ogres Mask by Lanevo

Metallic Geta + Tabi by Antaya

Borg Nails by RAWR

Atomy Cyber Suit by A&Y

YNT S5812X Case V1.0 by VSD

Hair: l0618 by Tram

Deep Materials Tattoo by Nefekalum Tattoos

Pose: Adapted for the Spiders.  Original is Popstars Gacha 4 by Poseidon

Solo - Turret by BAMSE @ The Arcade *NEW*

City Hacked Backdrop - The Bearded Guy