Nothing Can Stop Ileana

Fathers and lovers make lumbering shadows

Don't look away, don't you look away

Their frail ambitions can lead to the gallows

But she's not afraid

Oh, Ileana!

Nothing can stop Ileana

Nothing can stop Ileana

A tangle of traps set to mangle her pride

Don't look away, don't you look away

But scoundrels and monsters cannot break her stride

She's not afraid

Oh, Ileana!

~ Johnny Hollow 

**Please note all my skin comparison images are taken in high graphics with Xanthes Flawlessness or Strawberry Singhs Closeup windlights.  I use Black Dragon which is an EEP viewer that can use windlights along with EEP **

Here is another lovely Aetherpunk image to share with you all!  I am featuring both Skin Fair and Engine Room items in this post. Yomi has her first skin release at the Skin Fair this year called Mizuki.  It is an adorable skin for Lelutka Evo heads.  I am wearing the Lily 2.5 head and the Legacy Perky body in the images below.  There are 8 tones to choose from and they are really very beautiful.  Even the dark tone shave skin crease details on the hands and feet that are usually absent in the darker skins of many brands.  The body skins come with thin, regular, and chubby options.  All are featured below.  The eyes in the main image are by Elemental, also at The Skin Fair.  The ears are brand new by Andore and are Bento.  

The Engine Room is open again for another amazing round and I am featuring loads of goodies from it.  I have always enjoyed the magical side of Steampunk so I had to go with an aether-themed picture.  The orbs are by Petrichor and have many different animations.  There is a static and animated one in each pack.  Be warned rezzing them will cost you 319 LI per ball . . . I was lucky I had a lot of prims!  They are still beautiful and should be held for the best effect.

Nothing Can Stop Ileana


The Skin Fair Items: *NEW*

Mizuki Skin + Body by Yomi (Maitreya/Legacy/Lelutka)

Zombie Eyes by Elemental (BOM)

Mesh Ears Koeh by Andore

The Engine Room Items: *NEW*

Babette Corset & Accessories by ERSCH

Korsik Orbs (Static & Animated) by Petrichor

Divinity Halo by Garmonbozia

The Third Eye by Rich B.

Head: Lily by Lelutka

Body: Legacy Perky by Meshbody

Ecate Horns, Tattoo, + Shine by This is Wrong @ The Black Fair *NEW*

Pose: Magic Spell by PSYCHO

Paper Magic - Paper Halo & Floating Book by Disorderly

The Mad Scientist's Bird - Gunmetal-Blue by Half-Deer