Lost Times (WTFbbq)

There is a place where time stands still

There is a voice that I can sometimes hear

There’s no one left in this world

There is a place where time stands still

― Ships in the Night, Lost Times

 DRD is back!  

Their new store has opened and everything is organized a little differently.  Items can now be found in sections categorized by themes.  Items will be boxed to allow for a lag-free shopping experience and there will also be demos areas in each section as well as a discount area containing all retired/old items that you miss.  Even better, DRD will have deep inside this flea market of wonders an amazing box.  

The WTFBBQ Box is filled with 700 items that are all incredibly old and retired.  These items are all sold in one pack for 8000L with a 50% off discount for group members (4000L).  This box contains favorites like "the infamous and ever so elusive" Steel City gacha, Phantoms Lair Gacha, Andolys Megapack (the entire kingdom from a previous Fantasy Fair!), and more.  See below for box texture ads.

Each themed section will contain a special group gift that matches the theme.  I am featuring 3 gift items in my image as well as a couple pieces from the Zombie Apocalypse gacha set from the wtfbbq box of wonders.

Lost Times (WTFbbq??)


Death Row Designs (DRD) Items: *Mainstore*

Group Gifts: Leather Cuffs (Wearable section), Mystery Attic Chest (Gacha section), and Apocalyptic Radio Station (Post Apocalypse section).

Zombie Apocalypse Gacha (wtfbbq box items): weaponsack female and survival sachel female

Skin Fair Items: *NEW*

Briannon Head 3.0 by Lelutka (EvoX)

Bri Skin in Mocha (with added on Eyeliner, lip gloss, ear texture) by Glam Affair (EvoX skins line)

Dot Matrix Materials Tattoo by Nefekalum Tattoos

Cyber Fair Items: *NEW*

Takeshi Legs by The Forge

Bionic Collection Suit and Gloves by Masoom

Teresa Hair by #CHAIN

Cyber Electro Aura RX-1 by Creatica

Extraordinary Eyes Applier Pack 2 by Euphoric

Pose: Endless 6 by La Baguette

Swap Meet Gacha Items:  Handbag Booth (RARE) by Lost Junction 

 WTFBBQ Items textures: