Dream Machine

 Breaking the night sky

With music of my mind

I need a runway

Cause tender is the night

Breaking the night sky

I don't wanna feel the ground

And if you call me

My dream machine will fly

~ Tesla Boy

Dream Machine


Cyber Fair Items: *NEW*

Offline Gacha (Outfit): Armshield, Top RARE, Garter RARE, Panties RARE, Crown, Halo, Wings, Hairpin, and Choker by ERSCH

Vector Tattoo by Dappa

Revolver-gun-XXVII by Nebur Cyborg

Cyber Interface by Pitaya

Head: Ryn 2.5 by Lelutka

Shiny Elf Ears by Swallow

Reprogram Eyes Lootbox RARE 2 by Gloom

Raisa Skin 009 (plus BOM freckles, lipgloss, eyeliner, & eyebags) by Glam Affair @ Uber *NEW*

Hair: Nymph by Beusy

Bangs: Diety Bangs #1 RARE by Beusy

The Bonditos - Cat 11 by BONDI @ The Arcade *NEW*

Metal Heart Dark Nails by RAWR

Pose: Gun V2 1B by Imitation