Cusp Of Eternity

 A child of autumn was born

Into a world of deceit and death

The land of ice

A break of bonds would take her away

And install a sense of loss and eternal sorrow

She walks across the country

She holds her head up high in the rain

A mother is screaming for help

And she turns around to stare

At a scene from her memory

She is hiding a wish in her heart

That flows through her blood always

And it's culled from a dream

That someone is waiting to say her name

And call her to his side at the cusp of eternity

― Opeth

Cusp of Eternity


Castle Bloodcroft Items: Throne, Throne Altar, Crypt Candles - Two, Grande Chandalabra, Coffin - One, Long Banner - Red, & Long Banner - Violet by Death Row Designs

Thinker Skeleton by !APHORISM!

Head: Ryn by Lelutka

Skin: Vamo - Doll V2 by Pink Fuel

Hair: Thinking About You by Exile *NEW*

Elegant Fur by Aii

Naughty Idara in Black (Pasties/garter) by Axix

Diadem Janis Gift by Romazin

Pose: Detached 3m by Foxcity