Beauty in things exists in the mind which contemplates them. 

― David Hume 

Welcome to my second Skin Fair featured post!  Today I have a preview of some incredible items that you can purchase at the fair.  First, Lelutka has released a set of 3 new mesh heads that include a new EvoX skin design.  These heads are compatible with old BOM UV maps and their own EvoX skin maps.  Each head comes with an elf ear add-on with animations, piercings, hairbases (since your old ones won't work in the EvoX skins), and more.  Glam Affair has a plethora of gorgeous skins to match the EvoX line too.  I will be featuring a number of them in the upcoming posts. 
The first I will be featuring is the Rika skin on the Ceylon EvoX 3.0 head.  This head is absolutely adorable and perfect for those who wish to have a younger, more adorable look.  I love it so much.  I also love all of them too.  Glam Affair has new body skins/tones for the EvoX line as well.  These are gorgeous!  The Rika skin only has lighter tones in it so only the lighter body skins are featured in this post.  The darker ones will be featured in an upcoming Skin Fair post.  All the makeup layers come with every Glam Affair skin so you can make your look unique and still keep the aesthetic of the skin.  Enjoy!


RIKA SKIN - Glam Affair - Lelutka - Loa (Eyes) - Yomi (Hair)



Skin Fair Items: *NEW*

Fair Cam Sim

Head: Ceylon 3.0 - Lelutka Evo X by Lelutka

Rika Skin in Fair (with Lip Gloss B, Rika Blush, Freckles B, Alternative Eyes and Eyeliner A) by Glam Affair 

Rio Eyes by Loa

Ballerina Short Nails by CAIMI

Ruby Hair by Yomi @ Anthem *NEW*

Accessory Bumble Bee by LODE

Ginko Crown, Wings, & Hair Piece by Naminoke

Pose: Ice Maiden 2 by Diversion