The Dead Are Near Here

“Open your ears to the ancestors and you will understand the language of spirits.”

― African proverb, Unknown country or region of origin

The Dead Are Near Here


 Head: Classic Face W002 by Genus Project

Skin is old and discontinued.  By alterego.  Sorry

Shred Ears by Trap

Dragonkin Underarmor by Aii *NEW*

Hair: Searching by Stealthic @ Access *NEW*

Shiro Lingerie by ERSCH @ FameshedX *NEW*

Canach Earrings & Choker by Random Matter *Coming soon to March Kustom9*

Dynja Saga Foot Chain by Drunken Brokkr @ Enchantment *NEW*

Hel's Skells (skeletons animesh) by Tardfish @ Enchantment *NEW*

Pose: Ponder by Del May