The Path to Valhalla

I smell blood around

Valkyries are flying in the sky

The axes are pulling my hands to the ground

But I will continue to fight!

My fate belongs to the gods

Before the day I die

I must deserve the right

To join my fellow brothers

Through the sea

Through fire

Through honorable death in fighting

We will come to the sacred land

Nothing stops us

Nothing breaks us

Our father awaits us

In the golden halls of Valhalla!

~ Zergananda

Path To Valhalla


On Me:

Head: Lily 2.5 by Lelutka

Skin: Savannah Metallic Edition - Honey by Heaux

Hair Bloom by Sintiklia

Bangs: Kazura A02_White by Air

Seraphim Wings 9Bento) & Aether Suit by Aii & Ego

Brunhild Ear Wings by Bliensen + MaiTai

On Pan:

Inkubator Hair by Action

Damned Claws & Rings by L'Emporio

Arrow Wounds, Barbarian Sword, Bjorn Boots, Gjallarhorn - belt , & Pan Pants by PFC

Furry Bracers & Nordic Cape by Noble Creations

Vox Tunnel Earring by RichB.