Running Wild

We say life is meant this way but we break

We say we are born this way, so, why change?

Seeping down, deep and down in me

Holding on, 'cause I can hardly breathe

It's darker now, the silence brings me sleep

I'm yearning for a hunger in my dreams, yeah


Running Wild


Mainframe Event *NEW*

Maneater Machine by Lanevo

Decommissioned (Materials Tattoo) by Nefekalum Tattoos

Prey Blades by Clover

Atlas Legs by Wicca's Originals

Novak Body by Blossom & Seeds (Apple Blossom)

Head: Lily 2.5 by Lelutka

Skin: Draugr [xx]+FGInc.+ Black Eden by Fallen Gods *NEW*

Hair: Bedlam by.Shi

XIV.ArmorRings by Pendulum

Wild Child 12 by Poseidon Poses

Midnight City Backdrop by The Bearded Guy @ The Eclectic Event *NEW*