Notice Me Senpai

I would die for you

I would die for you

I've been dying just to feel you by my side

To know that you're mine

I will cry for you

I will cry for you

I will wash away your pain with all my tears

And drown your fear

I will pray for you

I will pray for you

I will sell my soul for something pure and true

Someone like you

See your face every place that I walk in

Hear your voice every time I am talking

You will believe in me

And I will never be ignored

~Garbage, #1 Crush

Notice Me Senpai


Head: Lily by Lelutka

Glam Affair - Lelutka Skin - Fanya Tone 010 @ Access *NEW*

THIS IS WRONG Lost Soul shine+tattoo @ Access *NEW*

REVOUL - Good Days BUNS @ Equal10 *NEW*

Lovesick Gacha Outfit: Bra RARE, Arm Ribbons, Belly Hearts, Garter, Panties RARE, Halo & Tears by ERSCH @ The Epiphany *NEW*

Bun Chi (pups) by Foxwood *NEW*

Pose: Beach Bunny 3 by Foxcity

Candied Lamb Horns & Mouth Candy by ATTIC (Just the candy)