Don't Close Your Eyes

 "There is so much we do not wish to look at: our own dark underneath so often we deny, and thus it is projected onto others.  When the Sewer Mermaid swims in, she is here to remind you of the treasures within yourself that you have labeled as "bad" and perhaps even forced away, pushed underneath.  And when this takes place, there can be blockages, overflows, and strange forces at work that seem mysterious to us because we are in the habit of refusing to look.  But she is here to show you that in your dark and unexplored places there are entire communities and towns and even great beauty: in the great underneath of your own self. and of our culture, we hold cravings and aspects of self and soul that are beautiful and wise..." 

~Taken from "Oracle of Light & Shadows Guidebook" by Lucy Cavendish

Don't Close Your Eyes



Magma Gacha: Magma Tattoo RARE & Magma Core RARE by This is Wrong @ The Epiphany *NEW*

Trisha Bra, Harness, and Headpiece by Tentacio

Hair: Issues by Analog Dog

Beastie Imp Ears by Trap

Lorelei Bento Mermaid Tail (Reds) by Cynefin

Salient Talons by CerberusXing

Pose: Merina v3 by Animosity

BACKDROP - Murky Sewer 3 by Paparazzi