A Girl Alone

In the cold November sky

I saw my past trailing by

Illusions sent me astray

My chances gone

I lost you in the dark

I lost your beating heart

I lost you to the years

I lost you through my tears

So often I cry for you

Do you cry for me too?

~ Hungry Lucy

A Girl Alone


 The rest stop (not snowing) 77li by Milk Motion @ Uber *NEW*

Dark Night Arms by Death Row Designs

Head: Strange Face W002 by Genus Project

Eyes: Shippuden Collection - Jogan by Gloom

Skin: Adele #18 Genus by Pumec

Cyber Necromancer FX Makeup Set by Suicidal Unborn

Alika Bodice & Pants by The Forge @ FaMeshed *NEW*

Hair: Taylah by Moon. Hair

Party Headphones by BONDI

SA - cigaret ENTA (Black-Gold) by SOLE

Pose: Sunshower by Diversion

Light City by Strange Merchant

Cyber Greyhound by Rezz Room

Transport Crate by 22769

Ammunition Container (Space) V.2.1 by [Neurolab Inc.]

Cyberpunk Phone Booth by ToKKen Industries