Traveling Alone

 When I was questioned

I shook my head and stared

I was traveling alone

And had nothing to declare

He asked how I knew for sure

And would I tell everyone I knew

If it would hurt

To know the truth

~ Woods of Ypres

Traveling Alone


The Snowy Road Gacha: Snowy Animated Grass, Utility Pole, Electric Lines, Barbed Wires, The Snowy Road RARE, Billboard & Rocks by Milk Motion @ The Arcade *New*

On Me:

Head: Strange Face W002 by Genus Project

Maya Skin (Dark/Toffee) by Nuve (Formerly Spicy)

Puffy Hair by Tableau Vivant @ Uber *New*

Winter Cutie Sweater Jeans Shorts (ALL) Legacy - RARE by Zenith @ Kustom9 *New*

Obsidian Boots by AsteroidBox *NEW*

Pose with Bench: Cold Days by Diversion

Teddy Pup Lay 2, Munchkin Kitten - Hold - Red, and Teddy pup - sit - sweater - multi by Foxwood @ Kustom9 *New*

Snowy Signage - LIMIT 25 by Consignment

[The Holiday Traveler] Luggages by Lux Aeterna

Tiffi Car [FLAT WHEEL] by B-Made