The Magician

 The Magician Meaning:  

Upright:  You have all the tools, resources, and energy needed to manifest your hopes and dreams.  The tools presented to you must be combined very carefully in order for you to be successful.  You must use your intellect to bring forth what it is you desire.  You are almost there!

Reversed:  You know what you want and need but are unable to manifest it.  You know the steps, you have the tools in front of you bare still unsure on whether or not you should begin.  You are uncertain about your manifestation skills.  If this comes up in a reading, remember that the universe is showing you the correct direction and the tools you need are all there.  You just need to believe in yourself in order to succeed.

This is just a test of what I am working on for the future.  I have been reading tarot since I was 15 so I have always wanted to develop my own deck.  I am just not sure this is the art that I want to use.  I am thinking I may go surreal or abstract with my next interpretation.  I am also still working on the border as I am unhappy with this one. Still, I hope you like it.

The Magician


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