The Dawn & Home

Come, O blissful one, dancer, wanderer, the one who reigns beside the Horae,

goat-legged, worshiper of Bacchus, who plays the harmony of the world on the flute-like a mirthful song.

O Pan, play some music for us, and we will dance under the melodies of your flute.

~ Daemonia Nymphe

The Dawn & Home


We Love Role-Play Items: *NEW*

Aliens: Glorgite (9 - UNCOMMON) & Glorgite (11 - UNCOMMON) by Clover (Animesh companions)

"Pied Piper" Prop by WetCat

Zelda Outfit by Antaya (Legacy & Maitreya)

Tattoo: Divine Messenger by Nefekalum Tattoos

Winter Carmellis Eyepatch & Horns by Naminoke

Satyress Set: Hooves (BOM compatible! Plus includes materials for body) by Phobia @ Planet29 *NEW*

Head: Lilly Head 2.5 (FREE Group Gift until Dec. 26th) by Lelutka *NEW* This is a full bento head release by Lelutka that is free with group join (also free).  It includes updates.  A male head is also available.  These are NOT at the mainstore!!

3 locations available:

Femme Skin Yasu (made for Lilly head and maitreya body) by Stargazer Creations *NEW*

Harper II HD Brows by CAZIMI

Moonspell Hairstyle by Doux

XIV.ArmorRings [LEGACY F] - Gold by Pendulum 

Pose: Get Stumped by Poseidon (flute pose comes with flute)

Little Fawn - Stride by Foxwood @ Uber *NEW*

Tears come with Lilly Head

Forest Evergreen (Trees) by LOVE Home & Garden for Wanderlust Weekend 50L (Out all week!) *NEW*