Krampus is Coming To Town

Cast away in solitude between the divide of dimensions

Frozen in timeless aura, a catalyst of colors

The abyss...

I was born in the fibers of oblivion; the saturnine keeper of mystery

And malevolent patriarch of chaos

...they fade into the shadows I cast... (evermore in sorrow)

Darkness! Chaos! A malediction! An abomination!!

...they fade into the silence I keep...

~ Agalloch, "Dark Matter Gods"

Krampus is Coming to Town


This is Wrong Items:

Killer Candy Gacha: Candy Knife RARE, Mouth Stick RARE, Candy Tattoo 2B & 2C RARE @ The Arcade *NEW*

Derelict Makeup @ *Mainstore*

Melanchonia Horns by Garmonbozia *NEW*

Head: Classic W002 by Genus Project

Satyress (Skin) Dawn & Satyress Set (Hooves) by Phobia @ Planet29 *NEW*

Garland Hair by Tableau Vivant @ Collabor88 *NEW*

Santa is Coming (Top) by Tentacio @ FameshedX *NEW*

Lilith Tail by Sweet Thing

Lune Panties RARE by Duckie

Pose: Full Metal Panic 50 by Bauhaus Movement

The Twelfth Night / Hungry Yule Cat by Cureless

Other decor is by DRD and its an old Krampus hunt set.  Not sure you can buy it anymore.