Impossible Dreams

 Virtual reality is the first step in a grand adventure into the landscape of the imagination.

~ Frank Biocca, "Communication in the Age of Virtual Reality"

Impossible Dreams


Death Row Designs Items: *Mainstore*

Alyx Legs (Collaboration with Wicca's Originals) - Fitted for Legacy, Maitreya, Hourglass & Freya + Mens sizes

Frida Prosthetic - Black Moss - Fitted for Maitreya + Unrigged Version

Wasteland Weapon - Spear

We Love Role-Play Items: *NEW*

Thveit Chained Collar by Drunken Brokkr (Fitted for Maitreya + Petite, Legacy + Perky, Kupra, & Freya)

The Way (Backdrop) by Oshiro

Hair: Savannah by Exile

Body: Legacy Perky by MeshBody

Dragon Scale (Cool Electric) Materials Tattoo by Nefekalum Tattoos @ The Warehouse *NEW*

Vector Headpiece by The Forge

Cyber Top + Panties by Antaya 

Pose constructed by me

CYBER GREYHOUND ANIMESH (Companion) Small by Rezz Room