Witch Doctor

 Upon a wing, a flying thing, to you I seem so small

But I look down on what you've done, my raven's eye sees all

You people like a cancer grow, destroying all you see

And 7 billion mutant monkeys, won't listen to me

Because I don't speak human...

You can't understand a word I'm saying

I don't speak human

You can't understand a word I'm saying

~Omnia, I Dont Speak Human

Witch Doctor


Witchdoctor Gacha Set: Skull Headpiece Oracle, Shoulder piece Bones w/ Leather Bands, Fur Bodice **Dark Zebra**, Sky Accessories #31 RARE, Ritual Staff *Lion Skull*, Leather Skirt **Silverfox** by Deviousmind @ The Epiphany *New*

Corrupted Shine + Tattoo by This is Wrong @ Necrotize *New*

Makeup: Loki by LuluB!

Trapa Braids by Fabrixquare

Hecate's Serpent (with hold pose) by Salem

Staff comes with hold pose