The Bitter Years

A couple pieces of worthless trash,

Trace fingers,

Forgotten melodies,

Too surreal,

To be the end,

The wise have said "divide and conquer",

Two always seemed much better to me,

I guess I'm doomed to be a number.

Let the hate out,

And you will see,

That you have lost your humanity,

Set aside those, long bitter years,

Can't rise above what,

Just draws you near.

~ Aesthetic Perfection

The Bitter Years


Enchantment: Phantom of the Opera Items: *NEW*

Authra-Nith Mask by Drunken Brokkr

Catacomb Candles v3 by 3rd Eye

Phantom Crystals by LOVE Home & Garden

Erzabeth Gacha Outfit: Collar Black, Dress RARE, Crown RARE by Luas @ The Epiphany *NEW*

Krept Hands by The Forge

Hair: Addison by Exile @ Anthem *New*

Skin: Draugr [xx]+FGInc.+ Black Pearl by Fallen Gods

Gothic Ombre Lipstick by Alaskametro

Moonage Eyeshadow by Warpaint

Smeared Mascara by Izzie's

Pose w/ Lamp: Distant Light Poses by Diversion @ Shiny Shabby *New*

(Slight arm adjustment to show off the cool hands)

Phantom Gacha Set (Old Discontinued Gacha find on MP! or maybe they re-release in their shop for a special sale!)

Vases C, Broken Mirror C, Covered Mirror 4c,  Cave, Bed RARE & Giant Curtain by Death Row Designs

Cracked Glass by Anc

Vulnerability mirror - pewter, cracked by Second Spaces