Secret Garden

Take me to your secret garden

Where the light shines through the trees

Wander down that lonely river

Whispers buried in the reeds

Take me to your secret garden

Walk me back through time we’ve lost

Shake in blood, and I’ll tell no one

That the river can be crossed

And you know the waters will rise

And wash it all away

~ Snow Ghosts

Secret Garden


Need Flowers: Blindfold, Mask & Horns White Copper by Tentacio @ Anthem *New*

Hair: No Tenderness by No Match (0L Freebie)

Pluckiana Hairbase by Revoul

Bohemian Shine + Tattoo by This Is Wrong @ The Black Fair *NEW*

Bento Nail #087 by Pink Hustler @ Enchantment *New*

Wytch Armor by The Rotting Lab @ Necrotize *NEW*

Pose: Staring At The Sky by Luane's World

Night / butterfly cluster (mix) Gacha by Anc