A Stranger

Cast the calming apple

Up and over satellites

To draw out the timid wild one

To convince you it's alright

And I listen for the whisper

Of your sweet insanity

While I formulate denials

Of your effect on me

You're a stranger

So what do I care?

You vanished today

Not the first time I hear

All the lies

What am I to do with all this silence?

Shy away, shy away phantom

Run away, terrified child

Won't you move away you fucking tornado

I'm better off without you

Tearing my will down

~ A Perfect Circle

A Stranger


Enchantment Event Items: *NEW*

Music of the Night 1 Pose by Nantra

Prima Donna Dress (Maitreya & Hourglass) by Poet's Heart

Forgotten Masks by Nefekalum Tattoos (On Dark)

Phantom Collar by Spookshow

Emmy Necklace & Earrings by Kunglers

Backdrop Phantom Of The Opera by Pink Magic

Head: Ryn 2.5 by Lelutka

Kate Skin (Shell) by Heaux

Prizmo Shadows by #A (Adored)

Rehab Hairstyle by Doux

On Dark:

Connor Head 2.5 by Lelutka