The Nameless City

Just when my fancy merged into real sight I cannot tell; but there came a gradual glow ahead, and all at once I knew that I saw the dim outlines of the corridor and the cases, revealed by some unknown subterranean phosphorescence. For a little while all was exactly as I had imagined it, since the glow was very faint; but as I mechanically kept on stumbling ahead into the stronger light I realised that my fancy had been but feeble. This hall was no relic of crudity like the temples in the city above, but a monument of the most magnificent and exotic art. Rich, vivid, and daringly fantastic designs and pictures formed a continuous scheme of mural painting whose lines and colours were beyond description. The cases were of a strange golden wood, with fronts of exquisite glass, and contained the mummified forms of creatures outreaching in grotesqueness the most chaotic dreams of man.

~ H.P Lovecraft, From The Nameless City

Tomb of The Ancients Escape Room and Shopping Event is now open.  If you have never experienced an escape room RL then come and try it in SL.  Use your brains and work as a team to solve a mystery!  This post is featuring items from this event and Necrotize (Opening October 21st).

The Nameless CityCREDITS: 

Necrotize Event Items: Opens October 21st *NEW*

Riley Outfit by AsteroidBox

Variety Skin Set BOM - Ascedh by Stargazer Creations

Dark Night Arms V1 by Death Row Designs

Phantom Eyes by .B.W.

Tomb of The Ancients Items: *NEW*

Tomb of the Ancients Backdrop by Oshiro

Taeyeon kit - lel + genus (Eyebrows and Eyeshadow) by Minuit

Ruined Poses by Diversion @ The Liaison Collaborative *New*

Head: Strange Face W001 by Genus Project

Legacy Perky by MeshBody

J1007 Hair by Tram @ Kustom9 *New*

HellSpawn Tail by The Forge @ Access *New*