The High Price of Mistakes

 On the edge, I wait

Hands held tightly... together

Waiting for the name

I wallow in my shame

I played a dangerous game

Hold it all inside, they said

Don't you speak of this disgrace

(Till you're six feet underground)

People whisper silently

I can't even show my face

(Can you turn your life around)

~ Hungry Lucy

High Price of Mistakes


Maria Antoniete Gacha Outfit: Dress Green, Sleeves Green, Collar Green & Head RARE by Una @ The Arcade *New*

Blood Sanctuary Gacha: Sanctuary / RARE Silver, Bridge / Black marble, Area /Silver marble, Showcase /Silver Exclusive, Blood /Silver marble, Arch / Silver marble & Bloodfall right /Silver marble by Dreamcatcher @ The Epiphany *New*

Pose: Enchanted Ball 1 by Poseidon

Skull Head Foxes by Maru Kado