The Asylum

If you say that we're ill

Give us your pill

Hope we'll just go away

But once you've inhaled death

Everything else is perfume

Maybe I'm just a mystery

I could end up your misery

Maybe I'm just a mystery

I could end up your misery

In the end we all end up in a garbage dump

But I'll be the one that's holding your hand

We are chaos, we can't be cured

~ Marilyn Manson, We are Chaos

This gacha set is HUGE!  So big that I just could not rez out the build on my land.  I have a lot of land too!  I decided to give the Rosewood sim a visit to take photos of this awesome build.  There is also an Asylum Hunt going on right now for DRD.  Here is a link with more info about the hunt:

Hunt ends November 10th!

Visit Rosewood Hills for the hunt:

About the Asylum (From DRD's product description):

The Asylum built-in 1863 which stayed open up to the late 1960s has a long history.  Throughout its past, many tragedies occurred and could possibly explain the hauntings here.  From the painful screams of the mentally insane to the cries of suffering, every room inside the building is said to be haunted.

The Asylum itself has been linked to the Paynesworth Family for decades, with many members either getting committed or working at the hospital.  It has been said that members of the Paynesworth Family still roam the grounds believing they are alive ... maybe they are.

Its rich past is also a torrid one even after the Asylum closed down, many people have disappeared here, died a tragic death, or never were the same person ever again...

Visitors who have dared to enter the Asylum today consistently report strange sounds, sights, and inexplicable events.

The Asylum


 Rosewood Asylum Gacha Set: Asylum RARE, & Broken Gate by Death Row Designs @ The Epiphany *NEW*

The Cemetery - Stone Fence - Crumbled by Death Row Designs