Everybody's Been Burned

Everybody's been burned before

Everybody knows the pain

Anyone in this place

Can tell you to your face

Why you shouldn't try to love someone

Everybody knows it never works

Everybody knows and me

I know that door that shuts

Just before you get to the dream

You see...

~ Ulver

Everybody's Been Burned


Hallow Manor Items:

Axe in Head by Moonphase

Fading Life (Gown) by Poet's Heart

The Old Church (with Fire) by Milk Motion @ Uber *New*

Hair: Storm Lootbox by Analog Dog

Lepidoptera Markings / FRESH (with butterflies) by Cureless

VinterNatt Nails by Fika

Gift Roses by Scandalize

Winter Bride Poses by Opulence Poses

Burning Corpse ( Kneeling ) by ThirdEye

Crooked Shadow & Sinister Shadow by Madpea

Dead Burned Human Corpses & Mesh Blood by Mesh Fantasy