The Forest That Weeps

I am the worms in the dirt

I am the branches reaching the sky

You are the source, the orchestrator of life

In the dark rain the gray mountain sing

A sad song of winter and the howling wind

Visions of the pass in the haunting dreams

Under the dead sky, under the withered trees

The nightfall upon the forest that weeps

Father of shadows that forever sleeps

~ Wintersun

The Forest That Weeps


Body: Gianni by Signature

Signature Gianni Archer Outfit by Scarlet Fey @ Signature Event *NEW* Opens September 10, 2020

Floating Leaves by Persefona for 2nd Chance Event *New*

Dan Beard by Prolific

F1215 Hair by Tram

Pose with Props: Seated Archer by Caress Poses