Raising The Dead

Winding all the dials and the wires and the spires and the

Tests for the connections and injections still to run

Capacitors and meters and the alkali and beakers

The restating of equations for the phase about to come

Please come back to me, there’s so much we could be

Please come back, with voltage I invoke

Please come back from empty cracks and berths of black

Come to me, I’m summoning the ghost

~From Dolls of New Albion, Paul Shapera

Raising The Dead


The Engine Room Items: *NEW*

UNGOD Steam Injector Claw

krankhaus - Alchemist's Apron - Maitreya/V-Tech

SEKA's Rusti Eye

Head: Classic Face W002 by Genus Project

Denae II [L] - Bloody Black (Hair) by Alice Project (Super old)

Face & Body Blood & Wounds by Izzie's

Malefica - Envy. by LuluB

Syringe by Salem

Pose: Evil Nurse 2 by Poseidon

The Reanimator - Operation Table (gacha) & The asylum medical tools by Death Row Designs