Mechanical Angel

 “Filled with dreams I begin to wander

through this maze of alien wonders

Into glades with ponds of starlight

ethereal beauty beyond human might.” 

– Crystal Eyes, World of Black and Silver

Mechanical Angel


Engine Room Items: *NEW*

Tombaugh Telescope by Ex Machina

Steam Wing Backpack by Arts&Gear

Martha Hair & Hat by Bonbon (Unrigged)

[Aether Oculi] Multifocals GOLD by Lux Aeterna

Jinx *NEW* 50L Each Wanderlust Special 9/20/2020 only

Jinx: Petit Ruth 0.4 sized avatar (Comes with BOM only Ruth body and Omega only enabled body for Yabusaka.  BOM skins included)

Jinx: Aerilyn Bento Head for Petites (2.0) (Fit for Ruth Body & Yabusaka Body)

Jinx: Sheena Bronze (for Petites) Outfit

Sweet Thing. Ball-Jointed Doll: BJD BOM and Shine + Blush BOM by Sweet Thing

Reira Earrings by Dreamcatcher @ Kpop United *New*

Dollie GIFT Skin (Pudding) by Stix

Spiral Eyes B by Spookshow

Heart of Hearts Choker by Skellybones

Alizee Pose by Shi.S.

Planetarium Holograms (Gacha) Uranus, Earth & Saturn by Isil