Humans Are Such Easy Prey

I'm a lunatic

I'm what God forbids

A mad, mad woman

She builds ships to wreck

A crazy b**ch

And bad, bad woman

― Svedaliza, Mad Woman

Humans Are Such Easy Prey


Death Row Designs Things *NEW*

Forest Ritual Site Collection - Altar, Tree Trunk, SpellBook 7 Cauldron @ Salem *New*

Plague Skeleton Creature (Hands & Mask) @ The Warehouse Sale Event

**Will have many updates.  Currently fitted for  Maitreya , Slink, Legacy and belleza.  Male hands will be added to the pack, Jake, signature and Legacy

Which will be in the v2.0 package between Sept 21th and Sept 28th.  A post-Halloween update will include moving fingertips.

Midnight Kitties by Foxwood @ Salem *New*

Bathory's Gown by Curemore @ Salem *New* 

Fitted for Legacy, Maitreya, Hourglass & Freya

Cotton Candy Hair by Tableau Vivant

Body Claw Wounds by Izzie's

Pose made by me

The Forest (Scene) by Minimal