Ayanami (#Una Contest)

Mountain... Heavy mountains. Things that change over time.

Sun... A unique object

Water... Something comforting. Commander Ikari

Flowers... So many of the same... And so many unneeded.

Sky... Red, red sky. The colour red. I hate the colour red.

Water flowing.

Blood... The smell of blood. A woman who never bleeds.

Man made from red soil.

Man made from man and woman.

City... A human creation.

Eva... A human creation.

What is a human? A creation of God?

Is man a human creation?

The things I possess are a life and soul. I am a vessel for a soul.

Entry plug, the throne for a soul.

Who is this? This is me.

Who am I? What am I? What am I? What am I? What am I?

~Rei Ayanami, Neon Genesis Evangelion



Asuka Outfit by Una @ Equal10 *New*

Head: Ryn by Lelutka

Skin: BonBon by Boataom @ Tres Chic *New*

Bruises: Fragile by The White Crow

Creepy Lolita Eyepatch (gacha) by Tentacio

Mayu Hair (DISCONTINUED!! Sorry) by Argrace

Baby Pudgy Penguin by Sweet Thing. & darkendStare

Bramble - L.E. Leahjane's Palace (Mohawk on penpen) by The Stringer Mauseleum

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