The Night Subscriber

I am ready to find
The lost day to vanishing days
I write words void of worth
In my youth I will always stay
But there is room for every lie
They put on my shoulders
I let it inside
Inseparable growth
Marks us still
Abundance won't come
Purge our will
~ Katatonia
The Night Subscriber


We Love Role-Play Items: NEW
Medallion Necklace V1 by CHIMAERA & Ryfre
Gown "Emily" by Antaya (Legacy & Maitreya)
The Goblin King's Crystal Ball (Bento Animated or Static for photos) by Constraint

+ Ibaraki BOM Horns + *NEW*
+ Aka Shita Tongue + (animated!!)
+ Rot Virus Skin (Old system layer skin but looks awesome on my Ryn Shape!) 99L in mainstore

Head: Ryn by Lelutka *New*
Peyton Mesh Hair by Wasabi
Monster Eyes & Bloody Hairbase by Izzie's
Kali Brows by Spookshow

Sineater Claws by Eliavah @ Collabor88 *New*
Yokai Chonicles: Magatama Halo & Cursed Hina Halo / ROTTEN by Cureless

Bunny & Kitty Ghosts by Half-Deer

Pose: Yuki Onna 2 by Poseidon

Background:  The Yokai House RARE by Anxiety x Dynasty