Out of Blood Hatred Grows

I had wings once. They were strong. But they were stolen from me.
~ Maleficent

Sometimes a villain is a princess who was never rescued... 

Out of Blood Hatred Grows


Enchantment Items:
Malasintha Gown & Diabolique Horns by Morbid Mausoleum (Legacy + Perky Only)
Unseelie Court Staff by Deadly Nightshade (Scripted Combat HUD or Unscripted)
Azreal Nail Applier by Venge
Malevolent Aura by LOVE Home & Garden

Head: Strong Face Woo2 by Genus Project
Sora Alabaster Skin by PinkFuel
Derelict Makeup by This is Wrong
Ascendant Wings Fallen by Spider Productions
Hair P13 by Barberyumyum @ The Warehouse Sales Event *New*
Veritas Collar by Cureless @ Kustom9 *New*
Pose: GetRdy Poses 7 by La Baguette *New*