The Better to See You With My Dear . . .

“The wolf is carnivore incarnate and he's as cunning as he is ferocious; once he's had a taste of flesh then nothing else will do.”
― Angela Carter

The Better To See You With My Dear!

Head: Strange Face W001 by Genus Project
Haemoglobine Skin Redux / BOM (v.2) & Little Red Wolf / Direwolf Growling & Descending (gacha items) by Cureless 
**Skin only made for Belleza, Slink & Maitreya** Please read note below.

Maria Hair by Miwa's @ Kustom9 *New*
Blaise Gacha Outfit: Bracers Legacy, Dress Legacy RARE, Hat Red, Choker Exclusive, Boots Legacy by Luas @ The Epiphany *New*
**Fitted for Legacy & Maitreya**
Tiny Pups by Foxwood @ Kustom9 *New*
LittleRedRidingHood Basket by Una
Pose: Lost in the Dark 4 by Secret Poses

If you are asking how I got Cureless skin to fit on Legacy . . . I DIDN'T LOL.  I love Cureless skins.  They are so unique and I will find a way to wear them  if I can because they are lovely (usually if an outfit is fitted for Freya then I wear her skins easily!) I wear boots to hide the flaws with Legacy!
The feet do not match but the outfit is a full boot for shoes so it hides the mis-aligned toes.  Why did I not wear Maitreya since the outfit is also fit for Maitreya or at least use the Legacy deformers?  Because of reasons (not getting into here), deformers dont fix the feet issue and the outfit isnt fitted for Freya. The skin does fit Freya however!!  So thats is a major plus and I thank Cureless for supporting that body. Freya is my #2 favorite body ever!   Please demo, but the skins, even with feet BOM fixes from other designers, do not work with Legacy.   The BOM fixes I own cannot be tinted as pale as the skin!  If you know of any or find any please let me know.