Beware . . . The Contrarian

Hello, he liedLike velvet, this magician's sleight of tongue and handHello, he liedBeware, belie his smileAs warm and calculated as heroinBeware the contrarian~A Perfect Circle

“Ladies and gentlemen, attention, please! Step right up!  Come closer, where everyone can see!I got a cure-all to share, it isn’t gonna cost a dime!Look and see.  I have a miraculous wonder that you cannot live without.The intellectual beverage and temerace drink soothe all your worries.  Hope in a bottle is all you need.And who doesn't need hope in these trying times my friends?"


They don't always sell physical goods . . . but lies wrapped up with "hope" instead.  If it sounds to good to be true then maybe it is . . .
Many have fallen to the Snake Oil Salesman throughout history and not just those salesmen with a "healthy" tonic cure-all (Wasn't heroin & speed sold as such not to long ago?).  Some of the most famous are historical political/military "leaders" like the ones from WWII or CEO's of major corporations who will provide you all the things you "need" or what they have convinced you that you need (Isn't advertising great!). Today we have some in power again, but, I am afraid I have bad news.  They will not go away forever and they will always return in many, deceitful, forms.  What or who will it be tomorrow?  
It is so easy to fall for the "easy" methods . . . the snake oil solution is so simple, so tempting.  It starts with many who wish for hope in hard times, the intelligent, the regular "Joe", the idiots and the fools.  But once the oil has been shown to be lacking in results the truth comes out.  The intellectuals & average Joe's leave feeling disillusioned.  The ones who were once skeptical, but, willing to try it are now unbelievers that no longer follow. Only the fools and idiots remain, insistent that the snake oil is real and everyone who says its not is a lie.  This snake oil only fixes the superficial, which is easy for a small number to accept that are afraid to seek the root cause of the "illness".  But deep down, it causes rot and decay to grow and fester causing pain, destruction and eventually death (if your lucky) or insanity if you survive.  BEWARE . . . The Contrarians.  There are many out there . . . They will always be out there . . . So BEWARE!

Beware . . . The Contrarian


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