Auralbot v6 Turbo Rush Edition

“The world of the future will be an even more demanding struggle against the limitations of our intelligence, not a comfortable hammock in which we can lie down to be waited upon by our robot slaves.”
― Norbert Wiener
Auralbot v6 Turbo Rush Edition


Arualbot 6.9 Gacha: Arm Saw, Arm Grab, Suit, Feet & Legs (All in Aluminum) by Stargazer Creations @ GachaLand *New*

Disordered hair-II // #2-10 by Pink Hustler
Time Rifter Armtech Blue (Gacha) & SA - Visor HMC by SOLE
Pose: Samurai Hoverboard 1 (Pose) by Poseidon
Samurai Hoverboard - Sumo by UNGOD