Semblance of Myself

Just another lie
Tearing down my delusions
I have longing for the day
When you will become
A frail, distant memory
The time has come
I’m drifting away

Hear the waves
I’m just a semblance of myself
Washed away
To the facets of the illusion
~ Sleepthief

Curious!!  Is this what humans think we are like???

Semblance of Myself


Foxwood - Sirene - Coral (Blue, Red, Black), Fishes (Big School, Small Swirl, Large Swirl) & Statue (Worn & Stone) @ Summerfest *New*

Head: Nuri by Lelutka
Body: Legacy Perky (with deformer on lower body) by Meshbody
Ondine Ears (Omega/BOM) by Stargazer Creations
Hair: Kohaku by Argrace
Mermaid Scales Blue Gold BOM by Antaya
Scales Materials Shine by This Is Wrong
Lorelei Bento Tail by Cynefin
Pose: Part of Your World 1 by Fashiowl 
(Tail modified using Lorelei Tail Poser)

Erstwhile Kelp by The Looking Glass